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From Rock to Baião.
              From Pink Floyd to Gonzaga.



From Indaiatuba (countryside  of São Paulo State, Brazil), the Roça'n Roll Band began its work in 2017 with a fusion of ROCK with ROÇA: Pink Floyd, Luiz Gonzaga, U2, Zé Ramalho, REM, Alceu Valença, Elvis Presley, Zeca Baleiro, IRA !, Legião Urbana, Tonico and Tinoco, Raul Seixas, Tião Carreiro and Pardinho, Plebe Rude, Almir Sater, Creedence, Rolling Stones, Zé Geraldo, Beatles, among others. It is a mix of the authentic country music called "Baião" with Rock'n Roll. 


"From Rock to Baião, from Pink Floyd to Gonzaga" defines the versatility of the set list and the musicians that make up the Roça'N'Roll Band. The aim of the group is to celebrate the joy and well-being of "ROÇA" with the sound energy of ROCK'N ROLL. In our modern and anxious lives, we all need to look after our emotional health. The Roça'N'Roll Band believes that any musical style that promotes a relationship with our simple "little towns" is welcome and appreciated. With a repertoire of well known songs, the Roça'n'Roll thrills all generations.


With an enthusiastic and faithful audience - and gigs always packed - the Band has ended 2017 with more than 60 concerts in the metropolitan area of Campinas presenting in Bars, Clubs, Associations, Nightclubs, Birthday Parties and Weddings, Food Truck and Beer Fairs and Theaters.


Instead of electrified or electronic instruments, the set list refers to the roots of our parents and grandparents, an original proposal that mixes guitars, country violas, tune viola, Brazilian Cavaquinho, American banjo, trumpet (bass), cajon, triangle, tambourine and rattles.


"Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd, "With or Without You" by U2, "Asa Branca" by Luiz Gonzaga, "Pagode em Brasília" by Tião Carreiro, "Morena Tropicana" by Alceu Valença, "Moreninha Linda" by Tonico and Tinoco and the immortal Raul Seixas, Elvis Presley and the Beatles make up the set list in a show lasting more than 3 hours where nobody can stand still.

For lovers of traditional country music, Roça'n'Roll proudly plays a medley of instrumental music that begins with "Trenzinho do Caipira" by Mestre Villa-Lobos followed by several successes rooted in the Brazilian popular soul.


A true reunion with our memories of the past "From Rock to Baião, from Pink Floyd to Gonzaga" is the perfect entertainment for different generations. The shows have been a real success with audiences from 8 to 80 years!




Tocha +55(19) 99501-6074 /  Cássio +55(19) 99493-7168 / Valgerio / +55(19) 99312-6998 Nau / +55(19) 98129-8762 / David +55(19) 99221-3281